Dear parents, you will be very happy to know that there is also a businessman in your society who establishes a very expensive English medium and Hindi medium high school in your area thinking that the children of the society are trained in this school But we feel sad when a child is not able to pay the monthly fee of this school, then I went and accounted for 90% of my business. I donate every month to the students studying in my school. The result of this is that all the rich and poor children in your society can study in school without any discrimination, worry-free, without any hidden conditions and fees. All the parents of our school request or hope that all the parents submit their children’s textbooks, examination fees, electricity charges, etc. on time for the bright future of their promising children, this fee is only charged Others take private schools. Our aim is – (1) to fulfill the wishes of any parent who is fond of teaching their children in high school with expensive English medium, without any monthly fee.(2) Our aim is also to provide such education to children so that they do not remain unemployed in their lives, always do a job, do some business or dedicate themselves to service the count.                                                      Writing will continue to update very soon                                        Thank You .

Welcome to Ram Janki (+2) High School.My dear friends, the purpose of establishing this school is as follows Most of the children of our society get education through English medium but there is a lack of real knowledge in such students, as a result of this, such students are not able to achieve success in their life and money is made in the sense, in the absence of knowledge, Due to wrongly received education, most of the students today are becoming unemployed, so our school Education is given so that our students can achieve real success in their lives. If a student is not able to achieve real success in his life, then from our school of students on behalf of the parents of the students in our school Our school people give them in writing in double the cost, in the same way, parents also give written assurance. After the area that today is our school will no false propaganda, and he will stop to do it to the school.The school is being run under different names at different places through the Player Foundation, a recognized institution of the Government of India, Government of Bihar.Therefore, all parents are requested to enroll their children in our school only and only for the bright future of their children and get a written guarantee card for their bright future. Thank you.