India's largest scholarship granting institution.
Ram Janki (+2) High School (Non Govt.)
Notice by Pintu Singh

Dear parents, you will be very happy to know that 100% scholarship is given every month to all the children studying in our school. To get this scholarship, all the students have to submit a ₹100 examination fee to the school every month, after which the students take a written and oral examination in which 99 out of 100 children studying in our school are actually 100 Passed with% marks, results of which are posted on our school website every month and notice of our school After this is shown on the board, all the children are given ₹1000 to ₹5000 in cash or bank account every month. The most important thing about this scholarship exam is that our school gives an opportunity every month to attend to the students preparing for nursery class to government job.  Note: – Ram Janki (+2) High School (Non Govt.) gives a written guarantee to the parents of all students studying in Ram Janki (+2) High School  That all the teachers of our school give such real education to your children that your child is 100% every month. In addition to passing the scholarship test with marks, our school also guarantees that your children will get the actual scholar will make.