Can you teach our students?Teachers requirement- Congratulations my dear friends 150 teachers are required in our school in all subjects like- Hindi, Mathematics, English, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit, Sports teacher, Dance teacher, Composer, Computer teacher etc. Respected teachers, please note that the certificate does not matter to the teachers in our school, other than actual knowledge, practical knowledge, etc. You have degrees or you do not have any type of degrees, our school will give job on the condition that you are actually How much is the sum for that subject and based on the same, you will be given ₹ 9500 to ₹ 70000 as monthly salary. The cost will be as different as a result, so the teacher will prove our schools great for those who want to spend as their future qualified teachers as teachers. In our school, B.Ed. , M.Ed. Teachers with degrees are from all Subject, but we also need teachers who are really knowledgeable about their subjects, so you must do your service in our school. For special information, please contact your nearest Ram Janki (+2) High School (Non Govt.) Patna, Bihar.

Sweeper required-There are 10 vacant seats of cleaning personnel in our school. The cleaning staff of our school family will have to do the following  Such as sweeping, mopping, emptying dustbin, cleaning the toilet, etc. Salary: Each sweeper will be given from ₹ 4500 to ₹ 10000 every month.  Documents – Aadhar card, mobile number and current residence address.