Ram Janki (+2) High School (Non Govt.) Was established on 1 February 2017 in Sharifaganj near Guru Ka Bagh Patna City-800008, when in our school no fee of any kind was charged to any children but We had to charge some fees due to the poor attitude of the parents. There are many branches of this school which is established and running successfully in various places in Patna Vaishali district, seeing this success, I established many expensive private schools. In our school all trained teachers and trained teachers provide to your children, in addition to challenging the expensive schools in our school, we have also resorted to new technology and it will always be used to help all students. We believe that any child studying in our school does not sit unemployed after finishing his education, at least they are given so much through our school so that their whole family can keep the society happy for their good deeds. Because of .      Writing in progress.

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